VAT Numbers UK – HMRC Check If Company is Vat Registered

The term VAT stands for value-added tax. It’s a type of sales tax that is applied to the vast majority of goods and services except a few that we have discussed earlier in our other post. VAT numbers UK or Value Added Tax number is a particular number that is issued to a business that has vat registration certification that is issued by an HMRC department in the UK while in other European countries it’s issued by relevant taxation departments.

How to Get a VAT Number?

If you want to apply for a vat number, you can also register online to get your vat number from HMRC after providing relevant documents. There are certain terms and conditions that you have to full fill before entering the evat registration system. If your total VAT Taxable threshold is more than 85k pounds, only then you will be eligible to get a vat registration certification otherwise enrolling in a vat certificate is not for you. After you will register online on the vat registration website, you will be given a VAT registration certification that will include your VAT number and relevant information for submitting your first return and payment.

How To Check or Validate UK VAT Number?

If you are searching for an online platform or any simple method that can help you to authenticate UK vat numbers, then you have come to the right place. Remember, the vat number is not a random set of numbers because it’s generated using a particular formula that generates your vat number according to your location, identity, and several other factors.

  1. First of all, note down the vat number that you are trying to validate vertically except the first two letters which represent country code.
  2. Now you have to multiply each value that starts at 8 and ends with 2.
  3. You have to add all the values that were obtained in step 2.
  4. In the end, you have to subtract 97 from the total sum until the final answer becomes negative.
  5. Now you need to check whether that negative value matches with the last 2 digits of your VAT number or not. If it matches then your VAT number is 100% correct and valid otherwise it’s invalid.

Conclusion: VAT Numbers UK

We hope our detailed and to the point guide about “vat numbers UK” was enough to address all the relevant and important topics. However; if you are experiencing any difficulty while applying for a vat number or validating your vat number, don’t hesitate to contact the HMRC VAT helpline between 8 am to 6 pm, their support team will provide you any possible assistance regarding your vat registration.

You can also use the online portal of HMRC not only for validating your vat number but also for applying for a vat registration certification online. Remember, on average it takes 14 days for a vat certificate to arrive, due to COVID-19 you may experience a delay that’s why there is no need to worry if you haven’t received your mail yet.

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