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VAT Check is very important to ensure the VAT exemption in some particular sales. If you own a business, you should always validate your client’s VAT number on every transaction otherwise you will end up granting the wrong exemption to your customer and as a result, you will be held accountable to pay the exempted VAT along with a fine.

Another reason for checking the VAT number is to avoid any mistake because putting an invalid VAT number on the return could end up in an invalid invoice. Under this particular circumstance, you cannot file a tax input claim from the concerned authorities like HMRC.

How Can I Perform VAT Check?

In this modern era of the internet and technology, you can easily perform VAT validation from the comfort of your mobile phone. Many authentic platforms offer online VAT verification services free of cost. You just have to enter your complete VAT number; all the relevant results of your VAT number will be displayed in front of you within seconds.

If the website that you have chosen for VAT number checking shows an invalid VAT number, then there is no need to worry because it might happen sometimes due to any mistake or incorrect VAT number. Make sure that you have double-checked the VAT number before checking it online.

However; if again it shows invalid and you are fully confident about your VAT id, then you should contact their customer support or try any other website for verification. In countries like the UK, there is also a dedicated helpline of the HMRC department that you can try for your VAT related queries.

How Does Online VAT Check Works?

The online vat verification process is based on the input that you provide while they automatically check your VAT number from the Europa VAT VIES service on behalf of you. Moreover; there will be also a PDF printout version of your VAT verification that will be sent on your email. You can print the hardcopy of your VAT validation and use it for the relevant purpose in office related works.

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Things to Remember Before Checking VAT Number


There are several platforms on the internet that are offering free VAT checking services to thousands of people around Europe. You have to be cautious while entering your personal information on these websites because some of them are fake platforms that may misuse your personal data. It’s also very important to keep your VAT number confidential to avoid any inconvenient situation.

Wrap Up

We hope our detailed guide about VAT checking has helped you to verify your VAT number online. We have also shared the most authentic VAT validator with you, if you are experiencing any issue or an error while validating your vat number, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try our utmost to provide you the relevant information. If you feel that this platform was helpful for you for your VAT validation, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and colleagues on social media who are also trying to validate their VAT number.

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