Net of VAT – Calculate Net & Gross Value Added Tax

If you are experiencing any confusion while calculating the net of vat, then you have come to the right place now. We will briefly discuss various important aspects of these complex calculations so that you can easily find the most accurate results for your business.

However; before digging deeper into the complex terms, let’s discuss a basic introduction of Gross and Net so that you can develop a better understanding of each term before finding the exact amount.

What is Gross?

Gross is the total price that also includes VAT in it.

What is Net?

Net is a total price or cost of anything that doesn’t include VAT in its value or you can say a price that excludes VAT is known as Net.

How to Calculate Gross and Net VAT?

Well, you don’t have to be an expert at doing calculations because you can use any calculator for the ultimate results. However; To find your VAT ratio, you just have to find your VAT rate first, divide it by 100, and then simply add (1.) in it.

Example of Calculating Gross and Net VAT

If that sounds difficult to you, let’s sum up a few things in an easy way. Suppose you are getting a ratio of 1.20 with a 20% rate, which will become 20/100=0.2+1=1.20 (According to the formula that we have discussed earlier). Remember, you have to keep in mind that the VAT rate is not the same for every country; you have to do a little bit of research on your country’s VAT rate before jumping into the conclusion.


How to Find VAT from Gross?

If you already have a gross amount and you want to calculate VAT from it, then you have to do some simple calculations as mentioned below.

Let’s discuss the same example that we have discussed earlier while calculating VAT. Let’s suppose you have a gross value of 180 £ along with 20% VAT, now you want to find the exact amount of VAT that is included in the price,



The exact amount of VAT in this case will be 30£.

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Why It’s Important to Understand the difference?

It’s a very common question that might be coming into your mind too. Every successful business needs to keep an eye on finances by knowing the exact gross and net income to make sure whether the business is heading in the right direction or not.

These small values will give you a greater benefit to make wise decisions about your business especially when you want to increase your income without disturbing the expenses. It can also help you to know about the total revenue that a business has generated over a year so that you can set a new target for the next year.

It’s not rocket science to calculate net, vat, and gross amounts. However; if you are still having difficulty or you fear any chances of mistake while doing calculations, then you can use our free VAT calculator tool that will give you the most accurate answers for the provided input.

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