How to Find VAT Number of Company – VAT Registration Numbers UK

If you want to know where I can find my VAT number or VAT number for any company, you may have to do a little hectic research online but at the end of the day, you can successfully find the exact VAT number.

In this informational article, we will try to highlight some simple and easy ways that you can try to find out the correct VAT number of any company. So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What is a VAT Registration Number?

VAT or also known as Value Added Tax number is an identification code for your business that is issued by the governments to keep the record of charges and taxes. VAT number is widely used by companies especially while invoicing, making receipts for customers, and other business purposes.

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Name of the Company for Finding Value Added Tax Number

It’s very important to first find out the exact name of the company, this will make your job easier to look for the exact name on an online VAT registry. Don’t get confused with the product name and company’s name because these two are different things. The most preferred way to find out the exact name of any company is to look for its stock price, in the stock market companies are bound to use their official registered name.

Company’s Location for VAT Number 

As we all know that VAT taxation system is implemented in all the European countries, that’s why to find out the VAT number of any company, you have to first search about its location where its Headquarters is present. This will give you additional help to look for a particular country’s data instead of confusing yourself while looking for VAT registration numbers in all EU countries.

You can easily find out the company’s location from its official website contact us page. You can also search on Google for their mailing address or try searching on Google Maps if the first two methods aren’t working for you while searching for the company’s location.

Use VAT Search Engine for Finding VAT Number of Company

After identifying the official name and correct location of the company, now the rest of the process is quite simple. There is a dedicated search engine or you can say the pool of VAT registered companies in the EU. Enter the company’s name in the search bar. Once you will click the search button, all the relevant results will be displayed in front of your screen within a few seconds. It’s also very important to cross-check the VAT number or authenticate it online because the database of these search engines can be outdated.

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Wrap Up

We hope it will become quite easier for you from now on to find VAT number of any company. Remember, if you are unable to found the VAT number of any company, then it does not mean that it’s not VAT Registered, you should contact the official management team of the company to find out the VAT number if the above-mentioned methods are not working for you.

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